Stainless Gordo (Bubinga)
Stainless Gordo (Bubinga)

The Stainless Gordo is a small stainless steel knife perfect for constant, everyday carry. It has an overall length of 5 3/8 inches, with a blade length of 2 1/8 inches. Despite its small size, this knife is comfortable in even the largest hands. The stainless blade is flat ground for a razor sharp edge. Our AEB-L stainless steel has been cryo quenched for additional toughness and edge holding ability. It has a Rockwell hardness of 63 RC. It is handled in Bubinga wood. This knife has a brass bolster with blue spacers that separate the blade from the handle. Mosaic pins have been added to the handle. It comes with a right hand, Pancake sheath, with border stamping. If you choose to order an additional sheath, you will receive BOTH sheaths. The one that is built already, and the additional one we will build for you. Cites regs apply, US sales only. 

Stainless Gordo (Bubinga)

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